‘Thank you so much Tatiana, I really appreciate everything you do for me and I’m very very blessed to have you as my teacher.’- Chloe

‘ Tatiana, thank you so much for your encouragement and kindness this past year.’ – Ashley

‘Tatiana, thank you for being the best piano teacher ever!’ – Jordan

‘Dear Tatiana, thank you for teaching me violin all those years. You are my favorite teacher!’ – Eileen

‘Dear Tatiana, our family is forever enriched by your kind teaching and friendship!’ – Audra

‘Dear Tatiana, thank you for a wonderful year full of music.’ – Catinca

‘Dear Tatiana, thank you for being my Orchestra Conductor. I love the diversity between all the songs. You are very understanding and patient.’ – Eliza

‘Thank you Tatiana! You are wonderful teacher, we are very thankful.’ – Sabrena

‘Dear Teacher Tatiana, Thank you for helping me thrive as a violinist and for being such an amazing violin teacher.’- Chloe

‘Thank you, Tatiana, for being a great music teacher!’- Natalie

‘Playing in the orchestra is definitely something that enriches my life. Thank you for making it happen!’ – David

‘Tatiana, thank you for this magical time at orchestra. It is wonderful playing with everyone else.’- Eliza

‘Dear Tatiana, you create a loving supportive environment for the whole orchestra. Thank you for beginning a community orchestra in Camas and for all you do for the members. I appreciate all your work.’- Sariah

‘Tatiana, thank you for being such a patient and supportive teacher’- Liu Family

‘Tatiana–what a beautiful concert yesterday. Thank you for all you do for the orchestra! Wonderful Concert!’ – Sariah

‘Tatiana, today your music performance was so amazing.. We all enjoyed it. Thank you!’ – Esther

‘Dear Tatiana, I think you’re an awesome music teacher.’ – Jordan

‘Dear Tatiana, thank you for being such an amazing, sweet & kind teacher. I really appreciate it.’ – Chloe

‘Thank you for inspiring and supporting me.’- Maria

‘Thank you for Sharing your wonderful talent with us at St. Johns. Hope we can play together again sometime!’ – Helen

‘Tatiana, thanks for all your work with my daughter–she is having a wonderful time with you!  She’s more excited about her violin lessons than she’s ever been.  I’m happy for her, and thankful for your energy and enthusiasm’ – Jennifer S.

“Dear Tatiana, We do so appreciate you sharing your time and incredible musical talent with the children of Lincoln City. Thank you! WE believe that arts education is important and there is consistent evidence that studying the arts enhances creativity and brings up performance levels in all academic subjects. Bravo for your many contributions to our efforts!” – Kaline Klaas, Executive Director, “Let There Be Arts”, Lincoln City, OR

“Tatiana, thank you for all your hard work! Appreciate it!” -Cynthia

“Tatiana, you are an amazing teacher! Very much appreciate you as a person & as a teacher!” – Susan

“Tatiana, thank you for sharing your music, artistry and beauty!” -Shelley

“Tatiana,  the performance on Saturday was so beautiful!!  Thank you for all your hard work.”- Sariah

 “Tatiana, thank you so much for being a part of our wonderful concert. We look forward to working with you again.” – Martha

“Dear Tatiana V., It was great pleasure for me to have you as my teacher. Thank you for everything you have done for me! I appreciate it.” – Angelika

“I just have to say that not only is Tatiana an outstanding violinist and musician, she is also one of the classiest, most beautiful people I know. I am proud to call her my friend. Thanks for two weeks of fun, music-making and otherwise.” – Katherine

“Tatiana, thanks so much for organizing the recording with the help of your son!” – ArcadiaPDX String Quartet, Angelika

“Tatiana, thank you! So wonderful playing with you!” – Shelley

“Tatiana, you’re a wonderful…a gorgeous player!!” – Karen

“ Your concert was superb. It was such a “shock” to hear beautifully prepared, synchronized music with the little nuances there as they should be! This was by far the best chamber concert yet. Kudos to Moscow Conservatory and all the years of hard work. The reaction of the audience to the Debussy was total! Exquisite playing on both parts.” – Sharon 

“Tatiana. “She plays the Violin with a natural flair, the old world charm, makes a listener aware. The lovely rendering of songs of her native land, with care, so proud, so sure, close your eyes and you are there. Just watching her performs time slips away. The smile on her face, tells me, she loves to play. Her beautiful green eyes, and her dark blond hair when she performs it’s without a care.The kindness she shows, to every one she meets a pleasure to know her, and for her music, her heart beats!” – b24billcomcast (Aug 26, 2008)

“Dear Tatiana, We are very happy you were able to join us and demonstrate your talents to the guests of the Russian Fair. Portland State University Foundation and Friends of Russian Culture are very happy and proud to have established good community relations with you and hope to continuo it in the future.” – Galina Kogan, Portland State University, Faculty, Department of Foreign Languages and Literature

Sharing the Joy of Music and Arts

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